Apps for African American Women

February 1st, 2012   Filed Under Uncategorized  

Whether you’ve got a tablet with clear wire internet or you’re attached at the hip to your smartphone you’re a woman who knows what she wants when it comes to tech. There are a great array of African American-specific apps out there designed just for you – here are a few of our favorites:
Black History People: This one’s on the Android platform and it’s an interactive look on a day to day basis of some of the most notable figures in African American history. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is it!
Black Jokes: This app’s slightly off color so be warned but it’s chock full of jokes specifically designed for black humor. If you love the idiosyncrasies found in African American humor and you’re looking for a laugh this is it!
BlackPeopleMeet: The ultimate online dating site for African Americans now has a mobile app – how convenient! Check your status and update your profile on the go and if you’re travelling you may even be close to someone newthis is a great app for single black women all over the country.


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